New 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SEL

So we still have some brand new 2019’s in stock and that’s what you’re looking at now. This is a brand new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SEL. It has the Super-All-Wheel-Control on it, which is an advanced all-wheel drive-system.

It’s got dual moon roofs, and a pretty amazing leather interior… lots of different bells and whistles! Rear view camera! And look at that upgraded sound system, the Rockford Fosgate! That is awesome all by itself!

Pardon the ash that you may or may not see on the car in these photos right now. There are a lot of fires burning in our area and ash keeps coming down out of the sky.

Check the beautiful scenery out where this vehicle was shown! It almost looks foggy. But that’s not fog…it’s smoke. It still looks beautiful!

Back to the car… let’s go inside and start it up…

It has a push-to-start feature, of course. And you can shift manually – shift your gears with the paddles. You can control the sound system from the keypad that shows in the video down below. It has a really big cargo area, heated seats, Apple Carplay and Android Auto. When you plug in your iphone or your android phone your apps then appear on the screen beside the steering wheel up on the dash. After you’ve plugged in your smartphone, the apps from your phone show up on the dash, which is really neat. You can then control them while you’re driving, without taking your eyes too far fromt he road pretty.

The leather seats wrap around you… nice and comfortable! And check out the reverse camera! So on this camera you can see not just what’s behind you but what’s all around you. I’m not really sure how they accomplished that, but it works.

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